Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Master/The Human Machine/Pulverised Records/2010 CD Review

Master are a band from the United States now living in Europe that has been around since 1983 and are one of the creators of death metal and death/thrash and this is a review of their 2010 album "The Human Machine" which was released by Pulverised Records.

Drums alternate between midpaced and fast playing with some blast beats, while the bass playing is all rhythm bass that follows the riffs that are coming out of the guitars.

Rhythm guitars are mostly fast death/thrash riffs with some midpaced riffing being used at times, while the guitar solos are chaotic sounding death/thrash solos that bring back emories of the old extreme metal sound.

Vocals are mostly death/thrash style growls that are very easy to understand, while the lyrics deal with politics, hatred and everyday life situations, as for the production it has a very powerful sound that makes the music sound very heavy.

In my opinion this is another good albumm from Master and it should appeal to all fans of this legendary band and this is one group that has never sold out. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "What Your Country Can Do For You" "Suppress Free THinking" "Faceless Victims Exposed" and "Worship The Sun". RECOMMENDED BUY.

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