Thursday, March 8, 2012

Derelict Interview #2

1. Can you tell us a little bit about what has been going on with the band these days?
ERIC: Hi ! Well, we completed the recording of our new album, Perpetuation, in late 2011, and have been getting everything together for the release. We also added two new guys to our lineup, so we've essentially been working very hard rehearsing, preparing marketing plans, booking shows, etc... all that good stuff!

2. Recently you have recorded a new album, how do you feel you have progressed with this recording and how this new release differs from previous recordings?
ERIC: Perpetuation is a big step forward in terms of collaboration within the band. On past albums, songs were written almost entirely by one member or another, and we did very little workshopping as a group on the songs. This new record features multiple songs with more than one songwriter, and even those with only one guy were still approved and critiqued by all of us before finalizing them. It feels really good. 
MAX: I definitely feel that the songwriting in question has progressed. Unspoken Words was a debut album and in some aspects I find it showed. Don't get me wrong I loved that record, but I think the arrangements are way more to the point on Perpetuation. We were more focused on writing cohesive pieces of music rather than trying to prove how progressive or technical we are. 

3. What are some of the lyrical topics and subjects the band explores with the new release?
ERIC: My lyrics are quite political on this album, attacking subjects including capitalism, environmental collapse and other social issues. However, I was really tired of simply complaining about things, and I felt this time around that showing a positive angle could make me feel better and also provide a ray of light to the fans who read the lyrics. For example, the songs "Yours To Surpass", "Recreated", "Shackles Of Indoctrination" and "Emergence" are all about personal and social paths we can take towards bettering ourselves. I guess the album as a whole is a about a single choice: do we remain the same destructive species we have been, or do we force ourselves to evolve?

4. As of now you are still unsigned,  have any labels showed any interest in the last year?
ERIC: We actually made a conscious choice to go indie with this album. There are many great independent labels in Canada and all over the world, but many of them are in the same position as the bands, that being, doing it part-time while working other full-time jobs. In the last year I opened my own music PR company, and so we figured that we'd either go with a larger metal label that could handle a lot of the business side of things for us, or do it entirely ourselves. For now it's indie and DIY, but hopefully as we break into the US market for touring some of the big names will start to take notice.

5. Do you have any touring plans for the new release?
ERIC: Absolutely! Goal number one is to play around our base, which we consider to be our home province of Quebec as well as the neighbouring province of Ontario. We have shows lined up in Montreal and Toronto, the two biggest Canadian cities, as well as many others around here. Next up will be the Canadian Atlantic provinces in July (for the first time!). In the Fall, if everything works out as we hope, we should be touring the rest of Canada. Once that's all done, we'll be setting the USA in our sights.

6. What are some of your expectations of the newer recording, what do you hope to accomplish with it?
MAX: First and foremost we hope people will enjoy the album. The music always comes first. Obviously we hope that Perpetuation can open up some bigger doors for us in the future. Personally I very much hope we can tour the United States with this record and expand our American fanbase. 

7. How have metal fans worldwide reacted to the sound of your new recording?
MAX: We recently released a song called "Shackles of Indoctrination" and so far the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. I have seen posts of our song "Perpetuation" from people in South America and Asia respectively.

8. What direction do you see your music heading into on future releases/
ERIC: We're always looking to evolve, but we've also found a good sound we are comfortable with on Perpetuation. I personally foresee keeping with what we've achieved, and adding some slight differences and experiment. I'd like to write a few slower songs since most of our stuff is very fast, and maybe throw in a few other little things here and there.
MAX: I agree with Eric here. I think we've hit a very nice stride with the songwriting on Perpetuation and I would expect the follow-up to be in a similar vein. However as a musician you acquire new influences and wish to evolve so expect maybe a few more outside influences to creep in over time. Eric and I are always writing songs and Jordan also contributes to the songwriting. I definitely know that the collaborative aspect of our songwriting will remain as it has proven to be a very positive experience in the past two years. 

9. I have noticed that the band members have helped out alot of Canadian metal bands, can you tell us a little bit more about this/
ERIC: I guess you're referring to all the bands I send you for potential review and interview, haha. As mentioned, I run Ricburn Media (, and yes, I've had the opportunity to work with some great Canadian metal bands, the likes of Unleash The Archers, Beyond Creation, Misguided Aggression and Abriosis. Got to shout out to my USA clients too: Dischordia, Dark Ascent, Switchblade Rosie and Better Left Unsaid. It's definitely awesome to work within the music industry, and help from people like you and this blog is always appreciated.
MAX: Eric definitely does a ton of work with his company and helps out many awesome bands in the process. Metalheads are a brotherhood and we've been shown so much hospitality and kindness from other bands or fans in the past while on tour that we return the karma when we can. Either by offering a floor to crash or just helping another band out with some friendly advice can go a long way in securing friendships and strengthening that brotherhood.

10. Any final words or thoughts before we wrap up this interview/
ERIC: Thanks for your support! Visit for more info. We have two songs from Perpetuation currently available for free at, and you can pre-order the album from there too.

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