Sunday, September 18, 2011

Nephelium CD Release/Sampler Compilation Review/2011

 This is a review of  a compilation of 4 Canadian death metal bands and we will start of the review with Nephelium.

  Nephelium brings us "Merciless Annihilation"  which  is  a  very  great  brutal  technical  death  metal  song  and  this  band  was  originally from United Arab Emirates.

  Next up is Beyond Creation  with  the  song "Omnipresent Perception"  which  is  another great  melodic and technical death metal song from this band and if you have not checked out their album I would recommend you to give it a listen.

  Next up is Fragile Existence with their song "Honour Among Theives"  which  combines  death  metal  with  thrash  and  technical  metal  to  create  a  very  original sounding song.

  Closing  the  sampler is Neraxous  who  brings  us  "The  Inverted Cross" which  is  a  90's style anti christian death metal song with melodic and technical leads and my favorite song on the sampler.

  In  my opinion this is a great sampler that showcases some of Canada'a best death metal bands. RECEMMONDED.

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