Thursday, September 22, 2011

Obituary Interview

1. Can you update us with what's going on with the band these days?

We are on tour in the U.S. right now! We have shows set up in Mexico next month, Austrialia in Nov., S. America in Dec., and back to europe at the beginning of the new year!
> 2. I know that in the 80's you were originally called Xecutioner what made
> you decice to cahange the name to Obituary?

Once we knew we were going to actually release a album "Slowly" it was just obvious that Xecutuioner was just not very original and that there was just too many other bands with the same name!
> 3. I know that your new stuff is on Candlelight Records, what made you
> switch to them and do you feel they are betterat promotion than Roudrunner?
We just ran our course with RR and felt it was time for a change!
> 4. I remember in the 90's I saw you with Napalm Dath and Machine Head and
> that is still the most brutal death metal crowd I have seen today, how
> would you compare younger death metal fans to the old school ones?

I guess they are about the same. Today it is good to mix of older fans and younger fans! Back in the 90's was a good time for metal and a lot of good memeries but I look forward to what is ahead for us!
> 5. What are some younger bands that you would recommend, or are you more
> into older stuff?

Definaltely older stuff! To be honest I listen to so much music every night when we are on the road and so much in our studio when we are at home that I do not listen to that much music when I am not working. But when I do it is almost always old stuff...Slayer, Venom and Frost!
> 6. How has the response been to the newer Obituary albums so far?

It has been great. I really love it, so it is good to hear that every seems to like it. I think it is just as heavy as anything we have done.
> 7. How would you describe the musical progress over the years?

for us not much has changed over the years. we still just have fun writing with each other and just jamming. we really do not think to much about what we are doing or try to hard...if you are trying to hard you are probably not going to end up with anything that great!
> 8. In what direction do you see Obituary heading into during the future?

We have not changed much over the years and that probably won't change. we alway just go in a little bit different direction, just enough to make it interesting and new!
> 9. Any final words?
We hope everyone is enjoying the new CD as much as we are and we will be playing a lot of shows all around to world so we hope to see you. we also have a new DVD that should be out by the end of the year! Look for it and keep in touch with me through our website
> 10. Thanks for the interview?

Thank you

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