Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Grave/Burial Ground/Regain Records/2010 CD Review

Grave are a legendary death metal band from Sweden that has been around since the mid 80's and has had a huge influence on the genre and this is a review of their 2010 album "Burial Ground" which was released by Regain Records.

Drums range from slow, midpaced to fast with alot of brutal blast beats in the classic death metal tradition, while the bass playing has a very thick heavy and dark tone to it with riffs that follow the riffing that is coming out of the guitars.

Rhythm guitars are mostly slow, midpaced to fast death metal riffs that are firmly rooted in the early 90's death metal tradition, while the lead guitars are very chaotic sounding death metal guitar solos that also have a melodic edge to them at times.

Vocals are mostly deep death metal growls that are very easy to understand, while the lyrics cover gory and everyday themes, as for the production it sounds very heavy and professional.

In my opinion this is a good album from Grave, and while I will admit the last album I heard from this band was Hating Life which was considered a sellout by long time fans, I can tell that they have went back to their roots since then, and if you are a fan of the classic Grave albums, you should check out this releases. RECEMMONDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Liberation" "Dismembered Mind" "Sexual Mutilation" and "Bloodtrail". RECEMMONDED BUY.

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